We present you the implementations of the orders that we have carried out to date at the request of our clients. Each photo is accompanied by a short description of the project presented. If you are interested in a particular project, simply click on the picture to access a mini gallery dedicated to that particular order. You will find more photographs there. Take a look!


lotnisko w Katowicach

Delivery and installation of 44 airport check-in desks


stanowisko odprawy bagażu 2

Check-in desks and baggage room transporters


stoł montażowy 2

Assembly tables with fluid height adjustment


kanał zrzutowy 2

Stainless steel discharge channel


podnośnik pompy 8

Stainless steel pump lift


przenosnik taśmowy 5

Horizontal lifting conveyor unit


transporter z regulacją wysokości 3

Delivery and installation of height-adjustable conveyor


swietlik w dachu 3



przenosnik taśmowy z obrotnicami 16

Delivery and installation of belt conveyors with turnstiles


przenosnik z rostawem pasów 9

Delivery and installation of belt conveyors with spacers


rolotok 7

Roller conveyor


montaż przenosników tasmowych 2

Delivery and installation of belt conveyors B=700mm x L=5800mm


przenosnik z taśmą fizelinową

Delivery and installation of a fleece belt conveyor B=680mm x L=7 lm


przenosnik łukowy1

Delivery and installation of curved roller conveyors


rolkowy przenosnik

Roller conveyor


system odciągowy

Execution of granulate drag system with sliders.


przenosnik wznoszący z zabudową 3

Delivery and installation of a PC-built ascending conveyor