Construction of production machinery

We accept orders for the construction of production machines – both according to a design submitted to us by the contracting party and as part of a comprehensive order service, including the preparation of an individual design by our engineers. We operate primarily in the Silesian voivodeship, with many orders coming from Dąbrowa Górnicza, Sosnowiec and Zawiercie, among others. Our services for the implementation of production machines include:

  • machine construction from scratch,
  • construction of high-performance spare components.

Thanks to our extensive machinery stock and reliable workforce, mass production does not post a major problem for us so we accept orders for the construction of a wholesale number of machines or components. When working with us, you can be sure of the high, reproducible quality of the final products. There is nothing to prevent you from also commissioning us for unit production or prototype development.

Production machine design

Our offer also includes the design of production machines, as well as entire production lines. We can also draw up an initial concept for the machine. We also accept orders for the design of the retrofitting/automation of a selected machine or an entire machine park. Finally, we not only design and build, but also provide a mobile service for industrial machinery, where we carry out such upgrades. We draw up projects based on the documentation submitted by the contractor and a detailed interview carried out by our specialist during the consultation.

We make every effort to ensure that each set of project documentation meets the individual needs and expectations of the client. Our aim when designing machinery is to reduce production costs while increasing the efficiency of the industrial process in the client’s company.

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