Control cabinets

We design and build control cabinets that serve our customers primarily as specialist component housings for complex control automation apparatuses. Over the years, we have carried out many orders for industrial plants in Upper Silesia, including companies in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Sosnowiec and Zawiercie.

Our control cabinets are manufactured in accordance with all standards and regulations, so you can be confident of their safety and effectiveness. We manufacture not only enclosures for the protection of control automation components, but also specialised enclosures for the protection of other equipment, such as electrical systems, pneumatic devices, electronic equipment and power distribution systems.

Design and manufacture of customised enclosures

We both offer ready-to-use solutions and design customised enclosures. We can adapt all the parameters of the ordered product to the customer’s requirements, taking into account its intended use. The range of products on offer includes:

  • wall/standing cabinets,


  • external/internal cabinets,


  • modular cabinets.

We manufacture cabinets from high-quality raw materials, including e.g. galvanised sheet steel, stainless steel and acid-resistant steel (an option recommended if the cabinet is exposed to a corrosive environment). It is compulsory for us to ensure that our products are correctly earthed in order to eliminate the risk of electrocution, and we also take care to ensure that they have a high ingress protection class (IP) and high resistance to mechanical damage (IK). Depending on requirements, we equip control cabinets with optimal cooling systems, fans, self-regulating heaters and anti-condensation devices.

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