Cleaning of production hall structures

We carry out professional cleaning of production hall structures and provide disinfection services. We carry out orders in this area mainly in Upper Silesia. We adapt the equipment, cleaning agents and methods of cleaning structures and rooms to the individual requirements of the customer, and in the case of industrial facilities, also to the type of production processes carried out there. Within the scope of the ordered service, cleaning works may cover the following surfaces:

  • walls, windows and floors,


  • ceilings and soffit structures, including lighting elements,


  • hall infrastructure (e.g. ventilation pipes and grilles, electrical installation elements),


  • machinery, process lines and employee workstations.

We specialise primarily in cleaning modern steel halls, which are characterised by lightweight wall structures based on support columns. Of course, our range of services can be extended to include additional cleaning activities according to the customer’s wishes, such as professional cleaning of control cabinets. We establish permanent cooperation with entrepreneurs in the field of industrial hall cleaning and also respond to one-off calls.

Why use our hall cleaning services?

We provide a high standard of industrial hall cleaning service. We have specialist equipment, including pressure washers and industrial vacuum cleaners, which allow us to carry out each job professionally. We expertly select cleaning agents and cleaning methods for the challenges encountered, so that we can effectively remove even the most difficult dirt, while not damaging the substrate or causing deformations or scratches.

When cleaning production hall structures, our qualified employees observe all safety rules – especially when cleaning ceiling surfaces and soffit structures. We take care to ensure that the cleaning work we carry out does not contribute to hindering work in the plant, and we take great care not to disrupt the continuity of the production process in any way.

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