Mobile machining services

We have specialised machines for machining workpieces with different surfaces. Our technological facilities are located in a vehicle that we have specially prepared and equipped to provide mobile machining services. This solution has eliminated the problem of the costly and cumbersome transportation of equipment and its components from the industrial plant to the workshop and their subsequent collection. We provide mobile machining services primarily within the Silesian Voivodeship for logistical reasons – and to ensure that we can respond quickly to a customer’s request.

We accept orders for machining almost any type of material using two common methods: turning and milling. We ensure a high level of attention to precision and that the machining product complies with quality norms and applicable standards.


A variety of materials can be subjected to milling, including, of course, metal (both steel, e.g. stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals, e.g. aluminium, bronze, brass), as well as wood and plastics. Most often, however, the milling services we provide relate to the production of metal components – needed, for example, for the construction of production machines or entire production lines – as well as the manufacture of spare parts and various types of details. In addition, our milling machine can be used to modify various components, e.g. for servicing and retrofitting the machinery stock. Our metal machining services are also suitable for prototyping.


As in the case of milling machines, turning machines are able to machine not only metals, but also other types of materials, including wood and plastics. However, metal components of industrial machinery are most commonly turned. Usually, machining with a turning machine concerns various types of components with a rotating function, whose surfaces are rounded in some way, e.g. they have a spherical, conical or rounded shape. Once we have given the components the right form, we fit them and then assemble them in the customer’s machine.

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