Painting the lines of walkways

We carry out professional passageway line painting, i.e. horizontal markings marking safe paths for, among others, employees and forklift trucks. We paint traffic routes and transport routes mainly inside warehouses and industrial facilities in Sosnowiec, Zawiercie and Dąbrowa Górnicza, but also in other towns in the vicinity.

Design of traffic organisation in a plant

We can design the layout of traffic routes and transport routes indicated by the client, or we can propose an exemplary layout of lines after having familiarised ourselves with the diagram of daily operations in the plant. Our traffic organisation designs are always based on the applicable PN-EN standards and requirements set out in occupational health and safety regulations.

We also offer professional advice in this area. The proper organisation of traffic in a plant and the well-thought-out implementation of horizontal markings are linked to minimising the risk of accidents, but also to some extent influence the streamlining of work and optimising production efficiency.

Steps in painting traffic route lines

Before starting work underneath traffic routes and transport routes, we prepare the floor properly to ensure the best possible painting result. This stage usually involves simply cleaning the production hall structure within the areas to be marked. Sometimes, however, it is also necessary to level the substrate or remove residues from previous marking.

We then proceed to paint the lines of the traffic routes according to the approved traffic organisation design. We use industrial line painters from recognised manufacturers and have a wide range of high-quality paints and specialist varnishes to ensure aesthetic and durable results. We select the technique, equipment and materials individually based on the requirements of the job. We make sure that the lines of the walkways we paint are legible and their meaning is clear to the users of the facility.

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